This is how all teen dramas should be: Andi Mack


Payton Elizabeth Lee from Andi Mack pic attributed to Disney Channel

I really hope the CW is paying attention to what Disney is doing with Andi Mack. I know… Disney?

This show is incredible. The characters are well rounded. (Except that blond chick… so far. They really need to work on her ‘villain’ role.) But, Disney has not only brought out their first openly gay character. But, the mother in the series is an actual person. How often does that happen in a teen–or possibly tween, I’m not sure–drama? She is struggling with how to be a mother, how to fix her relationship with her daughter and her own mother.

The emotions of the kids feel age appropriate but not contrived, saccharine, or stomach-turningly trite.

So, while the Million Moms–or whatever they’re called–are probably having a collective aneurysm, this guy who loves storytelling and great characters is standing up and cheering. Even adults will love this show.

Thanks, Disney for upping your game and giving us something new, charming, and thoroughly enjoyable.


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